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Case Study 1

    • Patient Name
      Parmar Dhanvi Kismatkumar
    • Age
      10 Months
    • Residence
      Arjanjinamuvada, Dahegam, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
    • Diagnosis
      Congenital Polydactyly involving Left Hand
    • Surgery
      Excision of extra finger
    • Type of Anesthesia
    • Duration of Surgery
      3 minutes
    • Post Operative
    • Discharge Within
      20 minutes

Why case study

    • Parents were scarred of General anesthesia, counselling done for procedure under Local anesthesia.
    • Pediatric age group responds excellent to regional anesthesia techniques for many ailments.
    • Patient was saved from risk of Genral anesthesia with economy for parents.

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